How to Host an Efficient Remote Meeting in 2022 Tips, Tools

Usually, team meetings generally center around a specific agenda, and are focused on bringing the team together as a whole. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to break these traditions sometimes, and try something new. Whether how to run a successful remote meeting you’re a manager, have a lead role in your company, or you’re working on a project, chances are you’ll need to facilitate team meetings. A great plus here, is that you can host your own meeting how you see fit.

Remote Meeting

Plus, it allows meeting attendees to prepare for the meeting so they feel comfortable and ready to participate. Using different tools from the regular Zoom can also visually bring a lot more excitement to your remote work meeting and motivate everyone. Of course, the burden isn’t only on the organizer of the remote meeting. Attendees also need to ensure that they’re well equipped, present, and practice the proper etiquette to ensure a successful online meeting.

Becoming a High Performing Team in the Remote Work World

In this exercise, your teammates select a favorite item to share during the event. Then, participants can spend a few minutes describing the significance of the item and what makes it special. If your teammate is reluctant to share a sentimental possession, then you can ask them to choose a random item and create an entertaining story about it. This game is good for setting a relaxed tone at the beginning of a meeting.

In this activity, your teammates email each other ultimate wish lists. Then, players can “shop” online to find an image of the perfect gift to send to the recipient. The team members open their gifts one by one and share their reactions. If your team is too large to shop for all team members, then you can trade names beforehand for a secret swap to help the game move quicker.

Ensure that the participants adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the remote meeting. Begin these follow-ups so that you can identify the significant issues that might hamper the completion of the discussed items on time. Doing so will allow for an easy follow-up of the suggestions’ implementation. Furthermore, an outline provides referencing material for the shareholders of the meeting to gauge their response to the agenda. During a video conferencing call, better conversations happen when the attendees can see each other virtually.

Mute all participants to avoid echoes, feedback, and background noise during your meeting. Host large-scale webcasting events with live video and audio conferencing without breaking a sweat. Video conferencing layout is now customized to suit your preferences and ordered at your desire. Change the screen composition of the participants in various ways to emphasize or focus on the key participants. For the past two and a half years, organizations have had to learn to operate across remote and hybrid environments at an unprecedented rate.

Monthly or Quarterly Progress Team Meeting

For example, some apps are free, while others have paid plans. Additionally, some conference call apps also provide added functionality like screen sharing and call recording. Breakout rooms aren’t always suitable, for example, if you have fewer team members. You should also ensure that any discussion that takes place is necessary, rather than just to fill time. Once everyone has returned to the main meeting room, you are free to ask for feedback on your colleagues’ discussions.

Remote Meeting

Online karaoke is a great virtual meeting game to get your teammates engaged. You can coordinate an online karaoke session featuring your choice of genres or eras. Attendees take turns following the lyrics on the screen and sing into their microphones. You can encourage team members to prepare food and drinks to snack on to recreate the atmosphere of a real karaoke bar. Online Drinking Games are great virtual meeting games for large groups. There are many challenges to complete with teams during online happy hours.

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There are a variety of remote meeting software options to choose from, both free and paid. Remote meeting software providers like Zoom, make it easy to set up your meeting so remote attendees can participate. Research and compare your options to see which ones will work best for you and your remote team members. As time went on, leadership teams across industries grew to better understand how to foster a sense of togetherness despite working remotely.

  • When you host a gathering, you are essentially interrupting your team’s workflow and concentration.
  • Organizing and executing a successful remote meeting involves more moving parts and considerations than your classic in-person meeting.
  • Player one provides player two clues without using any words in the topic.
  • Using virtual breakout rooms and Candor Breaks helps introverts speak up in a way that they may not in physical settings.
  • Then, players can “shop” online to find an image of the perfect gift to send to the recipient.
  • Video conferencing layout is now customized to suit your preferences and ordered at your desire.

The meeting leader creates a list of unique objects for players to find. You can organize the list using items from specific rooms in the house. Hyper-specific objects like one used eraser, one red jellybean, and one blue button, will make the search extra challenging. Simply email your team Bingo cards filled with common meeting phrases. Each time players hear a phrase on the card they can mark it off. You can also make requirements for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines.

Meeting by RemotePC™ for effective collaboration

Just follow the tips and use the meeting tools we’ve mentioned here to host effective remote meetings easily. This will help you have productive discussions with your team, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Daily or weekly standups are a quick way for remote teams to check-in and ensure that everyone is equipped to get there promptly. Typically, standups allow each team member 2-5 minutes to discuss what they worked on yesterday or the previous week and what they will be working on today or that week. They can mention anything holding them up or anything they may need from the team and help give managers an idea of what everyone is working on. Standup meetings are especially useful for remote or hybrid teams because not everyone is in the office, casually discussing current projects.

Remote Meeting

Section that aids in co-editing minutes and assigning action items with due dates. These notes and action items are sharable by exporting them to Google’s Workspace, Notion, and Slack for everyone’s collaboration. Once the catching-up concludes, mention the meeting agenda briefly to the participants.

What is a remote meeting?

For more online animal fun, check out virtual Take Your Dog To Work Day ideas. Try these 12 ways of increasing engagement for your remote team members. Achieve this step efficiently by selecting invitees that will play a role in the discussions. Thus, they will not feel out of place and will become attentive throughout the remote meeting. You could share the meeting agenda beforehand to make the session smoother while saving precious time. You might discover that some agendas don’t require any form of meeting to handle; they need an individual polishing up or done in smaller groups.

Remote teams A simple platform that tells you how remote teams really feel, and fosters action-oriented 1-on-1 conversations. Team leadership Support managers with the tools and resources they need to lead hybrid & remote teams. Doing the above allows the leader to make necessary changes before the session commences. Such an act can save you time while aiding in conducting an effective remote meeting. Most of us are still locked into the idea that the best form of collaborative interaction to achieve fast and bold, transformational outcomes is an in-person meeting. Many of us feel proud of the productivity we gained in the virtual world in 2020.

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Leaving your mic on and eating, for instance, while someone is talking probably isn’t a good idea. For example, introductions during the meeting are always a good idea, at least when everyone is meeting for the first time. If you know new people will be at the meeting, make it a point to introduce yourself and give everyone a chance to contribute. Not every meeting will have the same focus, but it’s important to establish rules of good etiquette across the board. It’s polite and makes everyone feel a little bit more involved in the meeting, which could keep them more engaged.

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In truth, the opportunities and tools of remote work were significantly underutilized. Instant meetings Configure your unique meeting invite and share it with participants to start an online meeting anytime. Initiate instant online meetings and collaborate from anywhere with Zoho Meeting’s download-free remote meeting platform. Once the remote meeting is over, follow up on a specific list of action items and deliverables that were discussed during the meeting.

It’s 360° video camera, microphones, and speakers help remote team members feel like they’re attending the meeting in-person. Now that we’ve covered the tools you’ll need for remote meetings, let’s dive into some tips for online meetings for both organizers and attendees. After all, they are the places where we brainstorm, strategize, and come up with innovative ideas together.

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Share your screen with other participants to add a personal touch to your online remote meeting experience. Collaborate with your participants by easily showing them important meeting documents or data graphs with screen sharing in the Zoho Meeting software. Differentiated competitiveness of RemoteMeeting, a professional video conferencing solution, starts with the technology and features specialized for online meetings. Monthly or quarterly progress meetings are a way to check in on initiatives, sales, or whatever goals your team has. Give each stakeholder 5-10 minutes to update the team on progress towards goals, roadblocks, successes, and failures.

Teammate Talk Show is an easy virtual meeting game that puts your teammates in the spotlight. For this exercise, you can select a guest of the week and create a list of 10 get-to-know-you questions to send them. During the meeting, the leader interviews the guest of the week, expanding the conversation based on answers given by the guest. The audience can raise their hands and ask questions of the guest. Show and Tell can turn your virtual meeting into an online showcase.

It can be as simple as starting a Skype conversation with one or more people, or as complicated as scheduling a video conference call with numerous dispersed speakers. They can be as intimate as a one-on-one video interview, or as public as a company-wide conference. So, in this article, we’re going to teach you how to run remote meetings effectively, and how to ensure that you achieve the desired results for your effort. Before you end your virtual meeting, make it crystal clear to everyone what was accomplished during that meeting.

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